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✅ Access to Our High Performing Custom Facebook and Instagram Advertisements
✅ Access to the Least Costly & Most Effective Advertising
✅ Audience Targeted Through Location, Age & Income Level
✅ Reach Hundreds to Thousands of People DAILY
✅ Facebook Messenger Lead Generation
✅ Immediate Lead Response By Our Online Facebook Messenger Sales Team
✅ Facebook Messenger Lead Qualification
✅ Retargeting Advertisements
✅ 24/7 Access To Our Highly Responsive Support Team


Call or Text:         (904) 385-8123

What Do Some Of Our Clients Have To Say?


Dr. Kocho Cumandra


Mark and Sheri Magnacca  

We love Peter's advertising work! Very impressed and more than content with his work.
-Mark & Sheri Magnacca, Business Owners


Dr. Sophie Polymeneas

We got a 9X return on our ad spend. I highly recommend Peter Taris from Property Affinity to any small business owner or real estate agent! They offer the most superior services for the lowest prices.

-Dr. Sophie Polymeneas, Maple Dental Centre


Real Estate Buyer Lead Advertisement  (Black Boxes For Privacy Of Client)

1. Original Video Advertisement Targeted To Chosen Demographic


2. Retargeting Advertisement To People Who Messaged The Facebook Page & Who Watched More Than 75% Of The Video


Call or Text:         (904) 385-8123

How Many People Will You Reach DAILY On Our Basic Package?

In a relatively small population to advertise to, you will reach 1,000 to 2,900 people every day on our most basic package!

Call or Text:         (904) 385-8123